Ringlock Welding Machine

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Features :

Fixture with locking and locating pins arrangements p-neumatic operated

Description :

Automatic Ringlock welding machine is used to weld six rings with pipe without making any tag between them,It gives high production and accuracy to product. Ringlock system are used with combination of wedge blades ledger posts to make a sctructure. All the components are used in combination of each other Base jack welding machine,Inner prop welding machine,Outer prop welding machine,Cuplock welding machine,Ringlock welding machine.

Arc Flow Welder provides complete solution for scaffolding and formwork by providing Automatic scaffolding machines.

ItemUnitRinglock Welding Machine
SpeedRPM2 to 10
Motor DriveTYPEVFD
Length Adjustablitymm150 to 2400
DimentionsLxWxH11.3 x 2.5 x 5.3 (Foot)